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Hiflux Applications

The primary markets for the Hiflux heat exchanger are applications where ruggedness, high temperature operation, high performance or compactness is a requirement.

Advanced Automotive Engine Technology

Hiflux is participating in Dolphin N2’s ground-breaking recuperated split cycle engine development programme. The engine has the potential to reduce fossil fuel use by up to 30% whilst simultaneously reducing air pollutants to well below any future planned legislation. It is also demonstrated to run on both hydrogen and biomethane. Hiflux has developed high temperature, high pressure compact recuperators suitable for volume production.

Combined Reactor and Heat Exchanger

Hiflux heat exchangers have been internally coated for use in process applications where a thermally-driven reaction is accelerated by the presence of a catalytic coating. This could reduce the size, cost, complexity and pressure loss compared with coupling a heat exchanger to a separate vessel containing a catalyst. The Hiflux heat exchanger can withstand high process temperatures and pressures, enabling many potential applications, for example ammonia cracking.

Microturbine Recuperator

A recuperator is a gas-gas heat exchanger which substantially raises the efficiency of small gas turbines suitable for distributed generation. Hiflux technology is designed to operate at higher temperatures and pressures than conventional recuperator technology, offering greater efficiency gains without a reduction in operating life. Hiflux has supplied recuperators to a range of commercial and research customers.

Industrial Heat Exchanger

Hiflux can manufacture heat exchangers to meet the specific needs of customers with process heat exchange or waste heat recovery requirements. Potential customers in the oil and gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, or chemical industries can benefit from Hiflux’s unique technology.

Power Electronics Cooling

Hiflux technology is well suited to the thermal management of power electronics components and electrical assemblies where high heat removal rates are required. Hiflux has participated in a multi-partner funded programme to provide prototype semiconductor heatsinks for a low-carbon vehicle application. Test results show very good heat removal in an ultra-compact package.