Hiflux commences Innovate UK funded STEPCO2 programme

The StepCO2 project aims to develop the Ricardo CryoPower technology, a recuperated, split-cycle engine that potentially offers a 30% reduction in fuel use and direct greenhouse gases, and zero-impact exhaust emissions. The technology uses liquid nitrogen (LiN) as an in-cylinder cooling medium or “secondary fuel”, but this LiN is already made using wrong-time renewables, and its low cost means that there is a 20% net fuel saving. The technology targets heavy duty, long-haul trucks, distributed power gen-sets, marine and locomotive sectors.

Details of the grant and partners can be found at https://gtr.ukri.org/projects?ref=103262

Hiflux Technology Showcased at Cenex LCV 2016

Hiflux hardware will be showcased as part of the Advanced Propulsion Centre display of innovative UK technology.  Cenex LCV will take place on the 14th and 15th of September and is the UK’s premier exhibition of low carbon vehicle technology.