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Hiflux commences Innovate UK funded STEPCO2 programme

The StepCO2 project aims to develop the Ricardo CryoPower technology, a recuperated, split-cycle engine that potentially offers a 30% reduction in fuel use and direct greenhouse gases, and zero-impact exhaust emissions. The technology uses liquid nitrogen (LiN) as an in-cylinder cooling medium or “secondary fuel”, but this LiN is already made using wrong-time renewables, and its low cost means that there is a 20% net fuel saving. The technology targets heavy duty, long-haul trucks, distributed power gen-sets, marine and locomotive sectors.

Details of the grant and partners can be found at https://gtr.ukri.org/projects?ref=103262

Hiflux Completes Volume Manufacturing Grant Programme

Hiflux recently completed a 14 month Innovate UK funded programme to investigate how new laser technology could be used to make our manufacturing methods suitable for high volume production. Hiflux collaborated with Imperial College and ECM Developments on this highly successful project which attracted £324,378 of grant funding.

Hiflux intends to continue this work to develop the technology required for high volume automation.

The details of the competition can be viewed at: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/567982/Materials_and_Manufacturing_up_to_12_Month_Projects_-_Competition_Result….pdf (Page 3)

Hiflux Technology Showcased at Cenex LCV 2016

Hiflux hardware will be showcased as part of the Advanced Propulsion Centre display of innovative UK technology.  Cenex LCV will take place on the 14th and 15th of September and is the UK’s premier exhibition of low carbon vehicle technology.

Hiflux Begins BioHypp Project

Hiflux is a partner in a EUR 5.77 million EU funded Horizon 2020 project to develop a full scale technology demonstrator of a hybrid solid oxide fuel cell / mictroturbine power plant using biogas as the main fuel. The 4 year project commenced 1 June 2015.


Change to Hiflux Board of Directors

Hiflux Limited is pleased to announce that Brian Count has been appointed to the Board of Directors as Chairman. Brian has a wealth of experience in the energy industry as a former Chief Executive of RWE Trading and Innogy, as a former member of the UK Industrial Development Advisory Board and as a former Non-Executive Director of Eskom, South Africa’s state owned electricity utility. Brian is also Chairman and founding investor in Jacoma Limited and Non-Executive Chairman of InfraCo Africa.

Founder and former Chairman John Coplin remains a Director.

Hiflux to Collaborate on Novel Diesel Engine

Hiflux has been awarded a grant as part of a collaborative research project by the Technology Strategy Board. The consortium consists of Ricardo plc, University of Brighton, Hiflux Ltd and a confidential advisory panel drawn from the heavy duty engines and vehicles sector. More information on the project and technology can be found here:  


HiCo Project Starts

Hiflux has begun work on the TSB consortium project: Highly Compact Power DC/DC Converter for Low Carbon Vehicles (HiCo). This project will bring together the expertise of 7 industrial partners and one academic institution to build a highly compact DC/DC converter to meet the unique requirements of automotive applications. The compact and robust heat sink produced by Hiflux is well suited to the project goals.


Newcastle University
Turbo Power Systems
Dynex Semiconnductor Ltd
Industrial Capacitors (Wrexham) Ltd
IST Power Products Ltd
Lotus Cars Ltd